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Vanguard Emergency Management is a strategic partnership that combines the experience and resources of two of the nation's largest consulting firms - Atkins and The Louis Berger Group - with the expertise of Tidal Basin, a leader in public and individual assistance.

For Housing Inspection Services (HIS) or inspector inquiries, please visit our HIS site.

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Atkins is one of the world’s leading design, engineering and project management firms, providing expertise in risk and emergency management, strategic solutions, information techology, engineering and architecture and able to respond to the most technically challenging and time critical projects.

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Tidal Basin is a full service emergency management company specializing in program management, construction management and resiliency planning. Tidal Basin focuses on natural disaster support, transit system preparedness and infrastructure repair, in the support of FEMA, HUD, DOT, HHA and DHS programs.

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The Louis Berger Group is a privately-owned firm providing infrastructure engineering, environmental, economic development, emergency management and recovery operations throughout the U.S. and international regions.

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